Cunning and casual 
Are the complex coded canvases
That one would call dreams 
Yet, consumed by the cannibalistic cousin
That one has labeled as 
The reality of their consciousness  
The core of that persons cosmic recollection is cut out 
And counted as a corrupted crux to the confused creature’s cortex
Though convoluted and cancerous is this eradicating 
Course of thinking one might hold coin to such logic
Yet, I am a candidate of curiosity 
As well as a catalyst for celestial horizons 
Therefore, I chamber myself within the charismatic ways of a clever creator
So, I don’t live contempt, but content to this world
Because I have come to know
That within the contested frame of my existence
There in lies another

~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~


  1. Embarrassed to say I had to look up the word corrigenda. I'm fascinated with your skillful use of alliteration, Tony.I love the idea of curiosity that doesn't close the doors on other realms.

  2. The idea of order (not in Key West) in the Canon – in the tomes – in the world of curiosity…walking this way to another world. Lots of alliteration – a pattern of wonder. Quirky and clever!!

  3. Very clever patterns and alliteration. I'm amazed at all the “c” words that you found and so settled strung together. Was going to try to respond with some clever comment, yet can't….

  4. Dear Tony Yang Sir, your lines artistically try to dwell upon a mystical possibility in creation, of a dual life, a parallel existence, a parallel universe, like the one when dreams seem so real, like the eternal search and quest of mankind to seek the truth, yet finding solace and comfort in “what is” rather than walking away to “what could be”…for the validity and consequences of such a corrigendum in our ways lie in the realms of the unknown.

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