In this world of black and white
We tend to forget how gray this world is.
But though out this life of mine,
And my hope to understand this life;
I have grown to understand nothing,
And that no thing can guide this life of mine.
Nothing but the weight of my own will,
And the thoughts of my true self.
This has allowed me to exist.
In true nature that has been bent
By the forgotten will of other men.
To all men and the nature of this universe; even the heavens
We are all one family and as family we are one.
The is earth beneath me.
The heavens above me.
The universe surrounding me.
And the never dying nothing guiding me.
I am no longer blinded by the illusions of this world.
I simply see it as
The ever flow of life.
That is always changing
And this…
Is my path.
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~