Deja Vu

To be honest with you, I am bit frustrated with you
I am a bit taken by you and the way that your image has corrupt my work
In a time where I thought that I was to forget you, I for a time forced myself to think little of you
Yet, it seems that time has reverted, back to a former state of its self, and I am now trapped within this paradox…

One intensely lost to an ocean stars, where in my gaze, I am completely drawn rightfully to the optic sight of a Scorpio
And ever more to the colors of these stellar winds, which lie so celeste, that they paint vividly your anatomy
Thus, defining your compelling gravity,
Fabricating a bit more the gentle outlook of a divinity pertaining to thee, beloved human-fabrica

My muse, therefore to be held, surely my curse
As my mind wonders, unconsciously towards the images of your charm
However, this infatuation is a bit tiresome, delightfully mind-numbing, as well as somewhat distracting
Nevertheless, my intuition oversees my impulses, and I cannot help but to daydream instinctively

For this reason, watch for a moment as I display you as an entity, a’ la magnificent

There flawlessly, dressed as an empress adorned elegantly in a violet-like iris dress, brimming of a cosmic essence
Passionate, a plutonian goddess baring a heart expressed as only pure and virtually scarlet
And again, I speak of your eyes, those hypnotic eyes that blooms of an old soul, bless of Ethiopian gold
A sheer foretold, absolutely personified, perpetually by the glory cascading from an unknown god

Henceforth I ask, while being captivated by your skin made diamond, will it all pass

These concepts giving way to the notions that flood my ideas which are all regarding you
Perhaps as diligent as they are now, maybe to be quite in sureness they will
Possibly equally, this vexation shall cease to linger…
Allowing me to forget what paradise I saw admits the irises embellished upon a seductive vixen
Although still, I wonder is everlasting ever so, in my willful wonderment and wanderlust

Thereof, then the term “perhaps” will no long be a maybe, and I will simply know
As you must know, the quality pertaining to your beauty transcends that of physical attributes
It’s simply who you are that intrigues me in a manner found dearly
Hence, benign so may it be benevolent… moreover…
Unequivocal are the perplexing secret affections to what I bare, that I wish to openly share with you

…Stranger still, I feel a slight sense of an eminent, inevitable deja vu…

~ Paradise’s Poet ~