Ruler of this world;
Your death was inevitable.
For it was foreseen by my eyes.
A black dragon you where
So a demon I had to become.
And with my double edged sword
I have pierced your heart
And ripped off your scales.
I have eaten of your flesh
And feasted upon your head.
So flooded with the wisdom of the universe I had became.
I could now understand the language of the birds
And could hear the whispers of the wind.
Now as a sage I will carry your will.
And embedded with your blood,
For I have drunk from your veins. 
I will fly with this gift.
And maybe one day
As a dragon
I shall be consumed as well.
Take of this fruit, and a dragon shall appear.
Survive the dragon’s wrath, and all of fear will disappear.
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~