Divine Turbulence

Visualize the sight of ten thousand lightning bolts
Heaven sent and shaped as the arrows of Eros
Aimed to impale the core crux of my timeless compassion

I know that if I should ever fall again
Towards the emotions of my heart then this will be set
As a divine retribution fated for my poetic soul

As I will offer to her, the woman I may love, an affection to cut so deep
The only thing that may rival my passion
Would be that of a sweet turbulence belonging to a merciless assassin

Seeing as here stands a devotion that would last a lifetime and of a lifetime, thus after

Truthfully, I wait for heaven’s punishment
Because she would be the inspiration of God himself
Whom of which provoked the creator to invoke the creation
That we now know as beauty

But…Sometimes I feel as if I am destine to sit with Lucifer and his devils
Since once I find her
I am certain I will make even the angels and all things holy fall to the sins of envy
Instilling jealousy into their soft and sacred veins with my words

My damnation will be that of my own doing
Tainting such pure beings
Having angered God to ironically mock me with those useless arrows and his wrath

…Still I would humbly walk into this self-infected oblivion; if only to know her

Can you tell me…
Why would the almighty create such foolish creatures

~ Paradise’s Poet ~