Divinity’s Grace

Have you ever heard the drums play as the winds claimed your soul?
Have you ever watched as the cherry blossoms danced from the trees of life

To be One with our mother earth? 
My eyes have seen the setting sun and the crescent moon, 
And I watched as the world has shifted into a new era .
For the land was full of blood, and life knew not the essence of peace.

Yet, hope remained, and some how tranquility bloomed,
And it sprung forth as a flower that shined as a beacon of light.
Florescent, and radiant with colors unknown to man.

This phenomenon grabbed their hearts
Brought them to the knees and bowed their heads.

To know such grace is what they whispered.
To see such divinity is what they screamed.
But, How are we to repent
Is what they cried…

~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~