Do As Infinity

The gentle winds carry the forgotten petals that are lost in time
Petals that hold the memories of a fading smile, and of the love that dies with the setting sun
Yet with the embrace of the morning star
A new affection is set to illuminate the world
So, bear not a weary heart
Because as I am, so are we all pieces of paradise
Searching endlessly for our end
With that being said
Among the halls of eternity does possibilities lie
Therefore, all one must do is believe in the void that is ever
And in the cries that scream from their forsaken heart

For, what greater temple gifted to the soul is there than that of purity 
A shell incrusted by a holy spirit
Seen by the eyes of God
Under the sun that sleeps for three days
As it cultivates with the winter solstice
A perfect trinity that is there to sit as an equal entity 
Along a cosmic equinox as a paradox towards a makeshift paradigm  
With the riddles of life, and that of the universe
As a stigma forever entangled into a forfeited primordial prime
Although who better to personify the sun, but the son
Which we are of man…
Those that strive to elevate themselves to the moral status of angles
Celestial stars that shine in the everlasting infinite realms of space
Still in this dimension we walk as fools
Less we forget the illusion, and see we are akin to them
Whereas we like them

Are only bound by free will, and of the conscious heart of our reminiscing minds

Beautiful is a sight unknown….such as infinity

~ Paradise’ Poet ~