Embrace The Sun

Open to the forefront of life
Lay your burdens down in the land of what was forgotten
For I have only seen warriors run towards the sun
While waiting with a smile; hoping to embrace a swift death
To me they are but children playing in the meadow
Waiting for the moon lit night and the calming air of a summer’s sunset
You see
At the end of the day
We all look for rest
Rather it be temporary or everlasting
We all hope for peace
Yet serenity rings in the soul
As one watches the sun raise
And freedom glares on the world
As the dawn of light breaks the horizon
So give yourself to the forefront of life
And lay down your burdens in the land of what was forgotten
For tranquility is not in the hands of fate
But in the act of embracing that moment
When the sun first shines.

~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~

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