Endless And Everlasting – The Night Sky Pt. 6

The diamonds that were embedded in the night sky 
Did not last forever as was once promised 
Yet neither did those purifying tears 
That formed from the black clouds in my heart 
But, Inside of us all I have come to find
That there is a star that lingers in core of our decaying souls 
That burns brighter than any sun
And one that holds more value than any of the jewels of heaven 
For It’s an illuminating light 
That can never dim or fade into the hands of misery 
Since it’s knowledge of tragedy remains ignorant 
Although this gem that is buried within us 
Is a fountain of wisdom 
I have lost myself to this overwhelming sense of joy 
And I can only see things optimistically 
Because I understand that paradise was never in the sky
But, within myself 
Therefore, now I can look up at a thousand starless nights
And be the moons endless everlasting friend 
Till the end of my days and even till the end of time 
For even if I die
I know this celestial flame will never burn out.

~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~