Erebus Canto Part: 4 – The Dawn of Cain

Shadows covered that moon sighted a color jade hanging within a sighing, somber sky
The morning star smiled as mankind’s destiny became less and less heavenly as seconds crept by
Ravenous became his ambition, and I stood petrified
Jealous, so envy took me, …My, if only I was born as the crucified, yet lo’ I breathe as the devil’s seed

Powerless to thee calamity awaiting in the next hour
Where and when the stars will fall to devour the indomitable spirit raging within mankind’s soul
Thus, will sit this earth rightfully as a forgotten, forsaken world so forth depraved of heaven justice
Scorned together cold, mimicking those hellish halls for whence my proclaimed father so came

“My boy, give thy hand, usher in this impending crescendo with me…
Be the maestro to the Mephisto’s grand opera, thee conductor to an omega spewing a broken requiem”
Lucifer spoke unto I, while the divine angels Raphael and Azrael colliding auras shook the ground
Down into the depths I foresaw my hopes, deeming myself to be a catalyst pledging a genocidal oath
Forbore a dream pertaining nightmares and night terrors, listen to the beast and hounds that howl at a new moon
One eclipsing my thoughts weighting of whispers, ellipse-ing much my dearest Rosaline’s oval lips

“Depart from me Father “I bluntly stated “I do not wish to make martyrs that of God’s creation
Nor, Do I find myself akin to thee, aside from the blood found burning within my veins”

“And so shall it burn” Lucifer uttered with a grimly grin

Azrael then drew a sickle sword from its sheath, which he carried, a blade braided beautifully with bloodstones
Laced of brimstone magic, as well as, corrupted deeply thereby of a primordial fear
An un-holy weapon belonging to Satan, given unto his first in command, christened as the Dawn of Cain
Being that the sword was forged from Cain’s sinful bones and baptized in his brother’s mortal blood
“Awaken!” Azrael screamed, causing the blade to pulsate, thus creating ripples that deviated air particles
Suddenly, I felt a shift, along with vertigo that so shook me, as I began to give into those sighted bloodstones

A paradigm scarlet willfully shaped my eyes as I embraced a delightful chill
Looking to the atmosphere, I commenced to dance with the fowls that defiled the sky
I felt invigorated by ecstasy and drawn compellingly to a lust for vitality,
Lovely was livid, following the notion welcoming my own lucid insanity… profanity obscured off my tongue

Sharp were my words, sharper still was the sanctified steel spear so driven into my side
To what did I care, I smiled for I could not die…
Raphael attempt to bring about my demise only made me feel more alive …glory to my bloodline
Furthermore, unto my father, who sang as I continued to dance beneath the twilight

“Raphael, I ask to whom do you say is thy Lord?” I questioned lawlessly, mocking his faith
“WHO DO YOU SAY!?” I shouted, as my heart started to race, craving desperately blood with an angelic taste
While, now staring intensely in to his empathetic eyes I openly cried

“I will pray for you” Raphael replied
(“Oh Holy Father, Hollow be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done  –“)

His prayer fell upon my deafening ear…my sight began to faded
All my sense seemed to grow rather lackluster and I… I… heard lastly before the blight
A sound omni-cosmic, echoing fiercely with virtue…something sated, something like… a primal besotted thunder

To Be Continued…

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~ Ren’ee Verona – Paradise’s Poet ~