Erebus Canto Part: 1 – Rosaline

Have you ever stared into their eyes when they are willing to forsake their own divinity?
I have gazed upon twelve, omitted from heaven, unruly, however still pure.
They all sat within the valley, christen it of angels safeguarding an entity even more so precious
An obsession tied as I describe this creature found universally benign, my rib, a dearest Rosaline
The pearl bejeweled with a gemlike essence, akin to that of diamonds, lovely thus effervescent
Sought majestic, that attune view a crescent moon that looms above this star lit hollow land
To find a reflection mimicking her image bestowing blessing into the sky,

Heaven’s jewel that no man could deny, oh my beloved Rosaline, I was but a vagabond
Wandering to a broken tune when by the hands of fortune, I happen to stumble upon you
You, and those angels with my death in their cold crimson eyes, although I cared not of ominous sights
For in a past life, death and I walked side by side, and to the former was I undignified, label as brutal
What some would call a mercenary, one distant as well as unknown to tangible things, aim so mercy
Making men martyrs, leaving me to be a soulless cretin later repenting for these somber memories
Hence, my wandering…my landloping…my fate to that which lead me to a valley radiant in hue

“Rosaline” one of the twelve called out
“What would you have of this mortal who enters our Eden unjustly”
“Nothing, let him come” Rosaline replied “Your name?” she followed ask

Her eyes held the power attributed to only queens, glancing through me and of me
Petrifying my heart as I dreamt to touch the delicate pigment, dressing her brunette skin
Furthermore, within a modest, yet golden, benevolent belvedere, she laid upon scarlet bedded sheets
With her white garments echoing alabaster bright veils hanging from the humble citadel rather lightly;
I was enchanted by the atmosphere, scented heavenly by jasmine flowers blooming among the gilt

“My name…I wish to forsaken such a thing” I said “However, Erebus is what I proclaim
You see, gravely shadows cling grimly unto this decaying fragmented life…one broken and beaten
Repenting, seeking not to be a saint,
Simply searching for a means to escape the nightmare that is my mind
Where devils play and demons thrive; henceforth, may I ask how you, Rosaline, seem so divine
Why in my many years containing a heavy gloom, you so easily appeared in my life as a Hera upon earth
Given six angels unto your left and six angels unto your right,
To whom is it that I actually find recently fascinating in this world tinted blight?”

Glory to the stars as she personified celestial bodies, so stood this Aphrodite
Walking gracefully towards me, as each step became a painting in my cerebral gallery
I noticed myself longing for thee, Oh Rosaline…Oh sweet Aphrodite…What are angels in your wake
Regardless, be you an illusion or reality my curiosities the sense I poorly bare has already become lost
To a certain eagerness which is possessing a gypsy’s heart…thus I…I….

“What would you have me be?” Rosaline abruptly asked of me
“A beautiful maiden sent from bliss to comfort thee, perhaps a dream made real
Your perpetual eternity to love, manifested here in a bleak time of need. Surely I maybe”

Subsequently of these words came a kiss igniting my spirit
An embrace fairly, perfect; intense to a gentle flame, an ember to elevate as angels stood still
And the scent belonging to jasmine fulfilled the air;… Let it all elapse quite slow
In this hour when a steady quietness quills the eclipsing  night
Over a valley illuminated by the light brimming from these holy Nephilim, ever so waiting, and so forth waiting
Forever holding the look of my death in their eyes…endlessly dreaming that I was crucified

One spoke out, as the crescent moon inclined to half bringing about the midnight,
Him to recite beneath the moonlight
“Weak are these humans, of the kind low and meek…parasites, all to grotesque lacking a certain grit
Rosaline, may I, a devout acolyte, send this man to the city of Dis, where fools drown in sorrow
And where those of sorrow shall only see the stars from a hopeless abyss?”

…To be continue…

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~ Renee Verona – Paradise’s Poet ~