Erebus Canto Part: 11 – As Angels Preach, And Devils Sleep

They are waiting for you, thee archangels baptized within the blood of the lamb,
Dreaming consistently of your welcoming home… When the floodgates art open, and the stars rain from the heavens
Then, and there, a deluge pertaining brimstone will ignite our beloved world, and an earthly outlook will soon so scream
Having these two dystopian dreamers gilded justly, deeply in their own vanity, lusting after a cosmic calamity
While the morning star reveres and revels in his begotten namesake… a bit more Andromeda sings gifted for a moment

Thus elope with me, as this silver silk caresses thy skin reflecting a sudden passion borrowed from a full moon’s kiss
Sighted primordial among lovers and mortified kings, those who step gracefully towards the edges of infinity
As God allowed a delicate construct to bath in ethereal flames, forevermore unforgotten, yet riven unto his eyes
Bear the broken, for we all sit disconnect from his throne, unaware of why we art truly here among those awaken
Which, lies between the whispers echoing about the blissful harping tantalizing to the tune of Gabriel’s voice

Convoluted it maybe says the saints, as an aurora borealis weeps and fades as a dim beckon in the decorative distant
Therefore look, thee horizon blinks at a multiverse, leisurely masquerading vicariously throughout… Still…

It was her seraphic, serpentine eyes that tormented me, luminescent they were
Although, they laid shattered among the constellations, and that star quaking cosmos
Where Michael sat peaching unto Uriel, a tale of two demonic brothers seeded in a plot against their dear unholy father

To save, to love, to trust…to dream; oh, what sins devils may hold;…blighted, you see, the night calls

In an age where Lucifer slept for a millennium, and in that millennium a fledgling walked from his destiny
Eurus became the sweetest song looming amongst the deep, held only to a melody cascading from paradise
A score so seduced, thereby of a thousand years, causing her essence to corrupt an illuminated hell
And, a fragmented heart, and a dire violin,…and a chalice in which both Eurus and myself, Erebus,  both drank from
Imagine the ambiance…divine ambrosia with a lustful taste of clementine, thus wine in the hour unified as we seemed

“ Before our father awakes you will leave this place, and anointed me as, the king as promised? ” Cerberus asked

“ In a century from now, all will be your’s, dear brother,” I replied. “Although, Father will not take kindly to this
I ask my ambitious sibling are you ready for his wrath
Listen, Eons perhaps, it may take for him to find me, but you lie within his belly…savvy”

“A ruby for the morning star and a rose to lie dormant with my hands. I do not ask for your forgiveness brother, but…
In our father’s perception, I will make you out to be lower than these cretins that burn forever amidst these walls
Your name shall be bane unto his ears as Christ name is unto mine… Everlasting would you be seen severely decrepit
Nevertheless, thy will be surely welcomed home if ever you sought to return if ever angels lead you to despair
However, remember torment and agony art to be thy only companions waiting for you…
So, hemlock or nightshade, here thy will suffer as a night fiend lost to his nightmares… and dear brother, I pray
I pray that you do return Erebus… I pray to have your blood as my own personal, pearl-red wine” said Cerberus

As three times did andromeda’s bow tab sinisterly against the ash colored instrument’s base
A grin laid upon thy brother’s faces, ergo time grew near, in an era when that deceitful morning star was to rise
Down the devil’s back, Eurus and I journeyed, through the begotten purgatory to see that glorified, omnipotent sun
A sacred orb displaying only a dimensional light treasured by thee Nephilim, to the east Raphael, to the west Barachiel

Praises be to him who wears a crown of thrones…yet, not of lilies, but those pertaining to discord
For, I fear for my foolish brother, I fear for the days to come…
Merciless is he whom slumber, henceforth, why I seek to flee with love, and why shadows will never again come to sleep

To Be Continued….

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~ Revee Verona