Erebus Canto Part: 12 – Holy Viridian

Two twin tenacious trees stood in this valley where Eurus and I, Erebus eloped favorably from that venomous undercity
Gallantly, We dawned ourselves the children of a false Eden, so forth reborn through obsidian, and crystalize unto liberty
The whispering winds ballet-ed with thee and thine, a duet to plie’ as we galloped quoting a binary lover’s sigh  
Wakeful to this dream a gilded lily gleamed and I saw beauty among a lifetime of thorns…crowned… thereby I lament

Glaring at my own shadows, hereby, a vow I uttered unto her, my dystopian gem…
                                 – “For an eternity I elevate my soul unto you”
Posed, as well as, enriched with vigor the cosmos knew for a moment not the weight of gravity, so, on our universes to collided
The sky shifted, a kiss was gifted, thus my demonic heart stuttered…

I found myself a jolting with thunder and bejeweled thereof another
And that other felt bedeviled, becoming mute…in a trance, she fell, uncontrollably held engaging her irises to the coronal lips of heaven
Holy, Holy, Holy art thou who sits upon a righteous throne…holy, holy, holy art thou who constructed this bone bard from my rib

A Zephyr, the wind which wavers be still the eeriness and thy ominous, sinister haze as lighting creeps silently throughout a nebula
Clouded in gloom as I chant… holy, holy, holy art thou whom the angels fear, moreover, whom my father drowns in animosity for

“ Holy, Holy, holy,” Eurus repeated, while her serpentine eyes went from emerald to alabaster as she glowed benign and luminous
“ Aurora borealis” my pearl murmured; igniting the earl of darkness in which we stood within, scorching the stratosphere
Tearing asunder the atmosphere, thus a seal had broken, and with embers in his eyes, the leviathan found himself awoken,
An angelic ariel descent took four from one of twelve celestial gates, each piercing zealously thee earth
Bearing aspects mimicking an elevated, electrified lux striking the hemisphere causing tectonic trembles exciting an influx

Thy deluge to ring throughout man’s history… storm bringers welding hurricanes and volcanic rain that taste of ash
Winter struck as they stood, like those two twin tenacious trees, facing the four corners belonging to this apocalyptic world

Living creatures bond unto a divine glory one with the head of an Eagle “Holy is he who dares to embrace the sun”
Living creatures bond unto a divine mercy, one with the head of a Lion “Holy is he who is to welcome the sunrise”  
Living creatures bond unto a divine wisdom one with the head of an Ox “Holy is he who stands beneath the sun”
Living creatures bond unto a divine order one with the head of a Man “Holy is he who is to acknowledge the setting sun”

They all walked towards my beloved as I took a step back from her…emerged in awe a fledgling parted from hell never saw such wonders
This display of consecration bewildered me, for all I ever knew was the sight of horror, but they like Eurus left me dumbfounded
Yet, the four spoke “ Unius Quatuor” to echo as a subtle scream
“We art thee prophetic guides resting at the Lord’s feet here to retrieve dear Eurus, and return her to her rightful place among the stars”

“ Her rightful place is here, nigh among the darkness ” I replied to these beasts
As I burning blue of hellfire rush towards them having violence painted upon my heart,
With visions entailing a story where their blood laid upon my devilish teeth   
No one was to take her from me, for I was born godless, and I weighted as my own salvation until I saw my Estelle
She heralded in my blighted soul, thus who were they unto me…(hellions worth much less than those tormenting in the fourth circle)

“Penumbra” a word I spoke to enchant the moon to darken, casting shadows to move, while my cerulean flames grew
I sought to devour them within an eclipse made majestic by a dancing array of thy own royal hue colored embers
Although a shade matching evergreen dilated back over the alabaster, a viridian eclectic chroma became her optics
Thereupon, I calmed myself  to subsided these fears claiming those thoughts regarding losing her to them

                                 -“Please wait, Erebus,” Eurus asked so softly of me…
“They art the hands of God my celestial brothers… I am fated to go with them, however, you, my dearest are my destiny”

To be Continued…

Erebus canto part: 11 – As Angels Preach, And Devils Sleep

– Renee Verona