Erebus Canto Part: 13 – Pearls & Gold

A kiss she left upon my brow as these moments started fleeing from the discord making its home within my dystopian heart

“ Dear Eurus must you go… Must you leave me with this darkness that I have known since the time of my existence
Surely you jest and art to stay with me…as the stars lie vilified, while these constellations marry about ill-encompassed
My beloved hear me, whereas I ask that you do not walk towards a fallacious paradise devoid of me
For with me do you belong, with me art our dreams that fancy outside the realms pertaining to heaven and a forsaken hell, I profess”

“ Erebus, you and I are whispers in the same wind ” Eurus stated as hemlock continued to follow from her lips
“ I must stand before God and thee archangels for we, whom of which, sit in heaven art bound to duty, and that duty is our freedom”

“ And what of my liberation I inquire of you, the holy relic I found lurking about my kingdom who I so, grew to love
Here I stand a vagabond unable to return home, nor am I honorable enough, in the eyes of his holiness, to step beyond the firmament
What say you unto a prince who lost his crown or unto a Montague barren in all aspects regarding his dearest Capulet
I see no sovereignty in this… only chains; therefore, because of this I must now trudge alone amongst mortal men, bound to thee earth
As I wait for you to return, one quoted as my destiny sworn thereby to my soul…perhaps a deviation, a harlot that permeated from God. ”

A kiss upon his cheek and a kiss upon my brow… with love do they betray us with, with compassion are we made to be fools too

Yet, further still the hour grew more sinister as those of four became as one thus, behold a creature unified bearing four faces
Screaming amply towards the open cardinal directions, while holding lighting and purified flames between their teeth
To sight, christened above their heads flocked a dove justifying their outcries, ergo all to blinding became the fowls ivory radiance
A lux unto light gripping my eyes much more so poisoning my lackluster soul, intermixing my spirit with God’s grace having me to loath
Acclaimed, I spewed profanity to the sky cursing with vigilance a prophecy detailing my vengeance, the merciless one set to be reborn
Although, hereby of a second perpetuated as scorned, shadowed as all resonated deaf…subsequently, no more were they or her
No… to the latter my heartstrings mellowed a melody torn by misery and feelings that empathically understood thee forgotten

Sneeringly, I grinned at my misfortune, as well did I laugh at my foolish belief embellished dearly of hopes indulging fantasy
Of brimstone, my birthright is Dis and discord to come…
Gilded feathers fell from the heavens as I lamented and walked from an unwanted memory…pearls and gold simply ash now
But, as I journeyed on, through the grottoes and ghettos of man, my heart sought to pulsate bearing a corrosive edge
Between each breeze that caressed my hair and my skin, thy voice carried in the seam of earth’s essence as a murmuring tempest

                                                                                                    …“ ATONE ”…

A stone word which penetrated my cerebral cortex infesting my every thought, thereupon, following the notions to come where these
That of my reign detailing countless centuries where I tormented damned souls, lost angels, demonic brethren, and so forth
You see, with her kiss I was imbued as an empath, enduring all the guilt and pain relating to those whom I persecuted
I wondered heavy-hearted, consequently, consciously oblivious to the fading brimstone magic seeping from my frigid veins
Thee only attributes to last with my immorality was my immortality tie together with the fallacies contaminating the human fabrica…to come
Primal fears I never knew of what I was unto some, such grimace, how was I to repent…who was I to receive an unreasonable clemency

Still, I lumbered along forward and onward seeking asylum, a haven to contemplate this new mental state preserving my dire depression
Limbo to echo as the days rendered mundane and my escape, I perplexed, suggested that I befuddle an outlook a bit more insane
However, in the east, Babylon bloomed benevolent… in the distant horizon dawned an Eden elated from the ghettos and grottoes

….“ Find him here”…
Eurus voice chanted religiously deep from within the depths of my somber spine
… “ Find him, he will lead you back to me”…

At a time I believed that her voice spoke of God and that among this garden, somewhere in this city of man he waited for me…
“ He who has fallen shall be reinvigorated, and in this Eden, angels are but stars and men unbegotten beings.
Lest we forget, remember a God wills what he tends to dream, ” quoted a stoic spirit, the simple curator who understood a divine nothing…

To be Continued…

– Renee Verona

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