Erebus Canto Part: 15 – Viaticum

Two gold coins and a sapphire pearl, a gift onto Charon; Ferry me there my son, down the river and across the ebbing shores that scream
For tantalizing art the memories pertaining to our ill-fated sins…. Thy obsidian hands to comfort, thy agony we long to embrace
Speak to me of a biblical creed looking upon our primordial revelations “Pay The Boatman“ they tend to scream as they boil, as they bleed
A silhouette of her love dances in this sinister sighted dream among the cerulean flames edging the somber, sighing stream

“Ago we must” echoed the boatman… “ago we must” I whispered with sheen unto myself as I slumbered the nocturnal days aways

Thus with a step, I, however, awoke to the benevolent sun a distances from the dirt and desserts, a journey ways from the woods and trees
Without him or her at hand, a void still sat as my Nirvana and as my Judecca, yet in my presence, one to reign thereof a king stood tall…
An emperor upon this earth whose name echoed throughout this human realm, and I straught among this abyss dared to weight
Divine intent with irrational musings, like light unto ocean waves and upon my lips stuttered his name… “Caeser, I presume”
A philosopher-king who knows now, what in the future I shall be exalted by that which I grew to knew, the age is gilded thereby of you

Nevertheless, abridged laid the figure of my soul as an ante in which I offered and in what I gave … “Pay the boatmen” they shouted
Those of ten so stoned in vigilance peering as anointed partisan that retained trails for those seeking an audience with their king
Who elevated societal dreams, who gave an Aurelian hour unto thee…possibly to sit with divinity as angels beckon at his door
Let us marvel, for from his door drew a bridge and upon that bridge awaited those ten celestial seraphim posed to test me and my sins

Thus, I came to know, one that endured the likeness of the son of man, and within his arms, this creature upheld a beaten pillar,
In his eyes he bore tears for his back was torn… “Son of Judecca” he spoke unto me “ you seek the holy keys of heaven do you not?”

“Perhaps” I replied “whatever brings me closer together with my dearest Eurus is all that I truly long for”

“Truly, is that what you say Son of Judecca…
What if you were to forbore thy own transgressions in order to be with said beloved… could you, I wonder…I possibly ponder?
I wonder for you are but, the welp of a coward and what pain I must ask have you ever “truly” known…
Your heartaches, yes but what about your seraphic soul…have you confronted the blackened birthright which breeds ever so
Edge the marrow in sorrows gripping woes, take upon this fruit then, heir serpent tell me a tale belonging to a nightmare unforetold”

Seedless it erodes, the pomegranate pressed against my fornicating lips, thy kiss laid sweet, however bitter was thy memories
Empathy became a relevant notion and my curse, “ Pay Him” the cretins trapped within the Styx cried out as their cries became my own
Their torment fractured and I was baptized deeply so in a flooded guilt… internally I knew now of shame, abiding the torture I once gave
No one here to mend a slave, glory I had atop my throne…glory I surely had… an asunder, at last, to shine between that beautiful array
Stern was I unto their mishaps, so forth I joked daring to jest at their discomfort grinning at the crimson moon, thus to bear a monsoon
As scarlet were my tear, as I utter gravely the words “ FORGIVE ME ” to an archaic Babylonian tune festering emotions no longer mute

Then came the visions… thee earth, as well as the stars quaked, while the hellions forever damned did not rejoice,
No… there were no sounds of joyous justice… they all turned a blind eye from my suffering and those souls prayed for my own
Furthermore, one arose from the ashes of that profane, inferno river…one silked in a liquid ebony professed as Morbius
Crude, thereby possessed he glared at me having a sheering view penetrating my eyes, “Woe unto my lord” Morbius spoke

Turning to face his kinship he said:

“Our Lord Erebus, beseeches unto us now as we beseech unto God for his grace, and his mercy.
Upon this riverbank, we stand as siblings void of hope as thee exalted art only sanctified by heavens will…a will not of us dear brother
Here you shall learn a truth not known by most devils, or sinners…
That both paradise and the inferno are manifestations constructed physically by one’s own consciousness and of those they have corrupted
Can you bear this weight Lord Erebus? How many souls have you transgressed against? Tell me what of your own, do you know of it?

Pay the boatman, My Lord..he beckons…he calls…Two gold coins and a sapphire pearl… two gold coins and your soul…”

To be Continued…

– Renee Verona

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