Erebus Canto Part: 3 – My Father’s Providence

The smell of red roses and ecstasy forbore my heresy…from him, fated was I to this destiny
Let the full moon that hangs turn emerald as I grow envious of humanity

“Now my son, do not detest your eternal gift” whispered the second of twelve unto I
Hiding his face underneath a cloak that mirrored the sky, found in this valley
A veneer which suppressed the darkness beneath a cosmic disguise
…My father the Mephisto, Lucifer stood near and nearby to my dearest Rosaline
Bearing temptations, asking Raphael to step aside…to make rhetoric versified

“As my son stated, even with your three eyes some things can even make you seem blind”
Said my father taunting thee angel holding divinity’s spear… one raging at the sight of the morning star

“You are this devils son?” Raphael asked of me, as his white flames started to burn with a heaven’s glow

“As claimed” My father replied
“Do you now see, Raphael, why my offspring Erebus seeks the beloved Rosaline
He hopes to escape what is inevitable, and what is meant to be,
In view, here the anti-Christ, my demonic seed nonetheless, he does not see that he is preordained
And that lady death so called Rosaline is helpless all the same.”
Lucifer then smiled at me…speaking to me in a sinister sincerity

“Falling in love with death because you wish to die
…My darling son, do you remember our hellish sanctuary, the inferno, a realm we so call home
It’s been sometime since you left…eons really, but do you recall…”

How could I forget the city of Dis, where hope is forever lost, and souls perpetually scream?
Clinging the pain of torment, for that became their only reality… as dimensionally all else was forsaken
Harlots stood in the devil’s kingdom as queens, although they knew not liberty
Men of greed dined, so gorging an endless feast of limbs, while drinking liquids from the River Styx
Which, flowed of agony, and tears belonging to those burning in the banks that bathed the sick

“Father, No one can forget your horrid paradise” I replied
“Centuries have passed, nevertheless the tragedy that is such a place stands vividly in my mind.”

“Tragedy?” Lucifer questioned “In age, not too long ago, you held hell ever so heavenly
The perfect demon in the awake of his prime, but there was one that corrupted your evil heart
Thus, blew the high winds of Eurus, a damned soul you took pity on, fell in love with,
Then freed from my grips, you with her abandoned Dis, after she sparked a small ounce of benevolence
Which was passed from your human mother’s genes, oh I was very displeased…
However, my child, within our grand abyss, our Rosaline came to me with to a kiss, and a wager
You see, in your absence, and Raphael’s blindness, Rosaline promised me that she would be my bride
If I could take away her loneliness, my…how could I deny this, thereby I took heart… physically speaking,
As too rid her of an emotional weakness, one embodying the manifestation of death herself…
It’s amusing how even immortals fall victim to their own feelings, over a course tied to a timeless time.”

God must surely care for my father, I thought, having luck to reign so heavily on his side,
Although, I ask who but God could love Satan, the leviathan pertaining to nightmares and dim dreams
Mephistopheles, the first to fall had death abiding to his creed, a grim reckoning sparked in his eyes
As he danced to the sounds proceeding from the chaos that occupied his mind
My father ordered nine of twelve to make way for the apocalypse, but asked the tenth to remain nigh
Azreal was the angel’s name, an entity plated in ebony, the devil’s right hand to usher in the end of days

“Blasphemy” Raphael cried “Judas” he proclaimed Azreal to be
“We were sent here by the almighty to watch over Rosaline, why would you betray me
Why would you stand at a serpent’s side…? I must be truly blind…. I must be…hallucinating”
Further cries to echo from an angel covered in ivory flames so thought to be wise,
He who would rather face say oblivion than his own ignorance, mortified
Demonized, Areal stared at Raphael with un-sympathetic eyes, to demoralize, ergo
The crisis a soul burning behind hazel irises, Rosaline conforming to the devil’s vices, I ask
Where we all to be only witnesses to my father’s providence,
It seemed…for who but God could stand against him and the last of the four horsemen?

To Be Continued…

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~ Ren’ee Verona – Paradise’s Poet ~

Gustave Dore Paradise Lost Satan talks to Sin and Death