Erebus Canto Part: 5 – Beloved In A Dream

Dreams colored as memories stormed my cerebellum ordaining me unto my grieving past
The effects belonging to the Dawn of Cain left me in state so dormant and riven
Although never have I known such bliss…Cradled still by a voice mute of mortal attributes
As unearthly as these dreams that compelled me, relinquishing me from a damn requisition
Wherefore a volition lost, implemented thereby of my father’s will… (Erebus)

Dare I to walk in this lofty gallery displaying my sins
An inquisition I wondered unto myself as I drifted carelessly to a sound titled requiem
Ergo, I wanted to believe that this was love shadowing from my dearest Roseline
A taste… the clementine savor death, an everlasting oblivion welcoming I unto her essence
However, I knew that this could not be, stranger in stillness I began to hallucinate… (Erebus)

Beloved is she that rises with the wind, Beloved is she that whispers in my soul once again
Beloved is Eurus the human zephyr I so beloved, thus benevolent now, is the beloved as I so dream

Imagine the sweetness that is her voice, a striking thunder primordial within my heart
Oh, how I have missed thee and thy love, your emerald eyes, as well as your beating core
A sheath you were and I thy claymore, hence evermore my sanctuary in a life polished of war
Lovely was our score, as a soft pink sky laid satin offshore
More I craved, more…more of this paradise that I never knew, more…. simply more to adore
Thus, furthermore I dreamed of this heaven unbecoming to a child beckoning brimstone
A prince thereof a dark prince proclaimed as the unholy one… (Erebus)

Yet, in your arms, Eurus, I cared little for that which concerned my somber sighted fate
For when I took you from the inferno I felt my lost soul resonate
Then, so my father could not take you back, we sanctified you and baptized away your sins
Holy became my love and I perceived a new joy… Angelic you were
But what was to follow… God thereupon summoned you and I…a demon, was to be without
Declared we agreed your divine calling, to a haven, which I believed you so deserved

This is when the notion of my destiny weighted heavily upon me
Never again was I to be with you as written was my birthright
Moreover, in this moment overflowing with my happiness stood the genesis of my despair
Tragedy struck, leaving me intoxicated to my own depression as we versified our final goodbyes

Latter days and years hereafter, grew winter and I frigid together bitter
Slipping deeper into a mental abyss of loneliness hoping that I could die
My father’s blood I wished I could deny, as I was denied a spot in heaven by your side
Subsequently this obsession amplified, an obsession for my dearest Rosaline
Whom could give unto me the gift belonging to a mortal life,
And that blessing would be telling of my demise…dwindling, fading surely one to decline…(Erebus)

…I ask who that it might be…
Who has been calling out to me… Whose voice do I hear as dream these dreams
As I slumber in this nightmare containing illusions reminding me that all is in dismay
Andromeda so it may be,
A demonic violin perched within thine eyes…soon will be in view a raven ravaging the sunrise…

To Be Continued…

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~ Ren’ee Verona  – Paradise’s Poet ~