Erebus Canto Part: 6 – The Maestro

Did you hear the whispering thunder of the howling winds barking out my name?
Have you heard the strings, which vibrate vigorously notes that scream vengeance in my ears?
Look to the east where the great sphinx sits as a guardian to an Eden lost to the sands of time
There he is, there he walks, as composed as any renown composer known throughout time
Although, his eyes lie un-sated and riven, so forth broken, thus a dire wolf among a city belong to Dis
Another prince akin to a prince, my brother, second son born within Judecca, All hail Cerberus

“Erebus, art thou awake?” he asked
“Surely my brother thou have not become so weak as to fall to the effects Cain?… That pitiful sword.”

However, I had, because “For centuries, I have refused to acknowledge my demonic blood
For decades, I have tried to remain as pure as alabaster, therefore as lucid as ivory
Ergo, Maestro the meekness plaguing thy brother, and henceforth the smile upon our father’s face”

I welcomed the madness in this place; A torment it has been trying desperately to defy my inevitable fate
Still, What of Raphael I wondered in my wake, as golden butterflies fluttered by illuminating a dark space
Where the smell gilded blood moved throughout the open air, and a pool of divine plasma seeping into shadows
I suppose, an angel among devils, is like a lion among hyenas; Raphael’s sacred soul t’was Lucifer’s unholy feast
But, what else could I expect from a blue-blooded beast… Mercy?  Surely we jest, perhaps we even dream

“What fortune fell from heaven on this day” said Lucifer
“To have my sons here amidst the valley of death to witness the Alpha pertaining to thee omega
To behold the prelude that will usher in the events concerning a prophesied Armageddon.”

“Yes, father what fortune” replied my bother
As his claw-ful hands grabbed the bow to his violin, and upon his violin did he tap three times with his bow
Then, with his eyes closed my skillful brother began to play

The notes started off gentle and familiar; One chord after another the melody mimicked that of Tartini
In G minor was the sonata invoking a sinister mood, the tempo slowly grew leading Cerberus into a trance
My Father started to dance, gallantly, under the stars with my beloved Rosaline, thus in my sadness I began to pray

“A son of Judecca praying to God? What a mockery you make of your heritage, Erebus.” Azreal proclaimed

An angel denying the glory of his god. “I envy you” He said
“No one in God’s eyes will be more beloved than his once forsaken son.
He gives him the universe, while we stand in eternity only to serve, only to dance to the strings of his melody
It’s maddening, as free will is a lie, a holy illusion set simply to mesmerize, however your father
The first black star that fell…No, I mean, the first intellect to escaped that prison is going to free us all from it, and you
You are the chosen one to lead this revolution, yet you deny your calling, such is the dystopian fool chasing death.
To throwing away providence, by virtue of a lost love,  it all reeks of God’s heavenly manifested will.”

The tempo of Andromeda grew ever more…
The strings began to vibrate overly violently, causing the winds to whisper with thunder
Thereupon, creating a tempest of music barking, furthermore howling at the moon…
Faster Cerberus played, faster, and faster still until….

There was pause at the end to the masterpiece, thus with one final stroke of his bow
With one last crying note, my brother’s eyes opened “What say you of my providence?” Cerberus asked
While staring at Azreal, the devil hound’s eyes appeared to bleed, in a moment when the Dawn of Cain so came to shatter
And scattered due to the quivering song cascading from that malevolent violin…

( My dearest Andromeda, you hold the fate of all galaxies upon your silver, somber strings – Cerberus)

To Be Continued….

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~ Ren’ee Verona – Paradise’s Poet ~

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