Erebus Canto Part: 7 – Bloodstones

Blanket the atmosphere within a delicate temporal disorder
Grip vainly unto the tenacity ordained by fire and the grimace blighted star
One shaking a proliferated moment so held in time, thus shared by these demons
Who are found engraving tattered pieces of brimstone among a valley marked dearly as grimmly apocalyptic

“ Cerberus ” the Mephisto called out to our beloved maestro
“ As eerie as a new moon you always were, among thousands, one of my favorite purely corrupted seeds,
As since you were a child, your sinister nature, and yours alone was the only sort that could rival my own
I’ve always  admired that about you, the unpredictably you catered to, a chaotic will I gave unto you
Oh, how it reverberates my somber sin filled soul,
Although tell us my son, why, or rather what motives do you behold?”

A calmness to take the air, with a welcoming silence to befall Andromeda’s strings
Parley with me the ideas in which we wondered, the ideas in which we so dreamed
Nightmarish tides followed by subconscious screams, birthing of his mind a provided devilish deed

Cerberus, to whom these disenchanting vows regarding a broken amnesty clung to as to breath
Stared vastly into the eyes of my dearest Rosaline, where stars bloomed like flowers, timely echoing my muse
An inspiration that I lived for, simply and only, to die in the arms of
However, in this twisted moment perplexing devils and those akin, my brother became a manifested reverence

“ Father “ Cerberus so spoke
“ This malevolent violin was a gift that you gave unto me, and I wanted to repay that generosity
Hence the cadence, merely a thank you from one of my many humble pieces yet to be played.”

Around my brother’s neck dangled a three headed gorgonain amulet hued in silver as well as an evening gray
Bearing shifting eyes that were always searching for lost soul, lingering spirits, and fragmented hearts
Cerberus gave a grin as this trinity charm chapped to smiles subsequently
Thus, the hellhound demon took his bow as to tap twice the base belonging to his violin
The gorgonain eyes began to illuminate displaying a blighted gold, then one face pertain to the three sang in woes

“ Shall I produce another tune from this grand accursed instrument? “ The maestro asked mischievously

Lucifer glared at the broken blade lying at Azrael’s feet , anon slowly to the angel himself
Azrael started to kneel to pick up the bloodstones from the riven blade

“ My sons, do you have any knowledge concerning to these stones that are embedded within this weapon”
Lucifer asked, nevertheless we did not

Azrael, thereafter said question, began consuming the stones, devour their magic, tainting his holy creed
Lighting shot from the heavens, the singing gorgonian woes persist, yet barely as a whisper
Can you imagine the image of God’s grace being rejected, omitted from a seraphic being
A creature that I now looked upon with blood dripping through it’s teeth, with a heavenly glow tragically fading


Crippled winds to fly no longer, a jewel found jaded in the hands of the disciples beloved by the son
One regrettably misplaced in a void beckoning shadows, shades, and night-crawlers culling a persona’s final fatal hours
As a sigh between an innocent’s heart beat quivers along an omni-eclipse, so forth I sought myself wanting, listen
Black butterflies were once gilded in love, open to the cosmos, except the universe binged upon chaos and so fell that creature’s will
Obscurity walks as prevalent, thereby blindness compels as a alluring state, ergo the verbatim utter  bane-fully by the Mephisto

“Behold The Cherubim of Eden ” quoted Lucifer that malefic devil

To Be Continued….

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~ Ren’ee Verona – Paradise’s Poet ~

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