Fa La La…

4 thoughts on “Fa La La…

  1. My sweet beautiful poet. Top ramen OMG brilliant, but now I’m sending you food. Your elegance as always been natural it’s who you are sir Yang!!! The cat is as beautiful as you. You are getting great on camera. Plus your looks, well let’s not go there. I hope I didn’t miss the biggest opportunity of my life when you came to Vegas I so want to meet you. I loved it made me interested and smile love always lisa

  2. fa la la indeed. Amazing illustration you’ve matched with your words here.
    Might you include a link to dVerse at the end of your poem….so others can find this amazing venue to share their works also and to comment on others’ creativity. It’s such a great place — hoping you’ll stop by and chat with others too — meander my words and others’ too. That’s the thing about this space — the people you meet and communicate with. Nice to see your words over my morning coffee today — hope you’ll connect again and mosey around!

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