Fa La La…

Hold me one more time my love
I am fading into an absent state of mind
Falling from this abstract, ambient dream painted thereof peace an isolated hue

Strange, I cannot bring myself to pluck flower petals from these flowers
For, in time like I, will they wither in die
So, I empathize…sympathizing to the point of vanity
Caring in a way that may allow them to have but a few more moments to sing

With those vibrant colors which add a verity of tones to this dying world…I mean
It seems we tend to rush that which is meant to be
Death looms, love is forever, and our consciousness fiends for them to sets us free

Fa la la…la la…la fleur de dieu (The Flower Of God)
The misplaced lullaby that wanders in my lost corrupted mind

Kiss me one more time my love
As I am aging, decaying, and declining to see the hope in tomorrow
Yet, your lips…the gentle curves of your rejuvenating lips
And their passionate touch revitalizes my faith

In that your beautiful face will be there when I awake within that un-promised morning
Just like those flower petals I felt for, took pity on and dreamt about
Thereby, If by the grace of God may you be my flower to which I could care for

Thus, within these fleeting moments tied to time I would paint pictures dedicated to you
Lacing emptying canvases with a sheen that mimics your vibrant esoteric glow
Having your image to be the reason my quill floods a page with nonstop poetry

All to make something like your essence everlasting
As if you were to corrupted the mind of God
As this lullaby has mine…Fa la la…la la…la fleur de dieu a perpetual ambient hue

~ Paradise’s Poet ~