Fade Into a Dream

…Fade into obscurity…

Diminish deeply into this ever-looming abyss that offers only shackles from a broken void
Linger simply among these lunar tides, that whispers of a whimsical act titled henceforth dreaming
Oh, to dream…I never imagine such a possibly or the notion of thee Idea
As I tend to peer endlessly into a beckoning nebula; one hollow, but ridged veiled in a senseless dismay

Still day to day, I found myself walking towards this emptiness with an essence casually called restless
And, up until now, I was ignorant to the fact that I was merely an overly vigilant insomniac
Numb to a weariness to which my spirit so screamed, begging me just to dream,
However, tragically because of my somber sleepless ways, I knew not this conscious meaning

…Fade into oblivion…

Is what the echoing shadow lost to the forsaken valleys of heaven seemed so desperately to cried out to me
Primed and primordial I lacked a reason to be disingenuous to the blighted request
For this uncertainty and I were often akin, bound within understanding a certain loneliness,
And, in saying this, the mystery of it all frequently added to the gloom’s deceitful fatal beauty

Thus, to a degree, I guess the feeling was like falling in love
Although periodically, as of late, I have times when I am distracted and I turn away
Whereas what lies surely a bit coincidentally is a perfect paradise,
Blooming with inspiration parallel to the uniqueness of ice crystals
Flooding my heart with symbolic visuals pertaining to these so-called beloved dreams

Therefore, do I lately realize that I am blinking in disbelief, daydreaming forever of serenity
Thinking heavenly of sanctuary, and of the symmetry ebbing a twilight formerly captivating to I
Thereby these fantasies I hope to encounter, as I close my eyes, do seem to edge a little closer
As I reminisce dearly, daily astral outstanding-s, shaking my evening calling…the culling relevant to my soul

… Fade into infinity…

Because, nothing is everlasting as nothing comes before any, and all gods
Desolation is, but the vastness fulfilling the dim corners concerning our cosmic universe
Rare, we are with this divine complex trying desperately to obtain a grip on immortality
Conscious entities reaching for dreams that may, perhaps elevate us beyond this quiet inevitability

This lullaby that I so versify is a requiem, fading, as I so freely dare to dream…

~ Renee Verona – Paradise’s Poet ~