Father Time – Seconds Echo Short

It’s been sometime since I spoke of the rain and of the dark clouds that scream with thunder
Too long has it been for me as I watch lightning bolts illuminate the sky on this night
Are the winds high I wonder? Are they perhaps a bit chilling and cold… yes, it would seem
Such a storm during this hour of gloom is a blessing I would think

Give me thy ear as I whisper to you the ecstasy of my looming sadness

Frail and faint I have become, fragile and deprived of my strength shall my last hours be
Composing this dead man’s sigh as I await my final slumber within a deathbed promising liberty
Loneliness has agreed to keep me company as we patiently anticipate his grim colleague
Although, I hope he will take his time, so I may finish lending my voice unto thee

[Several *coughs*]

Forgive me, as stated before I am weak and my next minute could mean my fatality

Nevertheless, I will speak…Now, reckless in my youth I was bold, wild as well was I free
I fell in love with the stars together with all things masked by heaven’s beauty
I heard angels sing lullabies and hymns to try and give the world some sort of peace
Still, chaos reigned, but the uncertainties never really bothered me


However, there was this woman… this creature that challenged my improvident way of thinking
Fallacious she could be periodically and out right cruel if she chose to be
Nonetheless, my affection for her grew, thus I began to worry of her well-being if she was not beside me

Crazy I thought I was…surely I was sick, because why would anyone crave “love” this potent disease
Seconds echo short though much like our time shared was compared to this approaching eternity

I speak of her now because as I die her face is the only face I see
The storm has faded from my eyes… it’s just in my heart I can still hear thunder and the raging seas
A somber moment filled with the light of my beloved, what joy God has given a misguided fiend
Sweet reaper you are merciful to allow me this sight as thy black velvet cloak comforts me

Do not perish not knowing the sacred oath of love my son, to do so is one of life’s greatest tragedies

( It’s all relative… Love, Time…and how we perceive eternity.)

~ Paradise’s Poet ~