Fleur De Lis

Magnify the magnitude of this modified motif – a masterpiece posed in motion
Manipulating my vision, thus be stilling my eyes upon her image
A beauty that in the wake of, even Aphrodite became a falsified specter to

So, who am I to deny my own eyes the joys of such a glorious sight?

Thereby, hear the sounds
That are composed from the angel’s echoing whispers blooming within thy ears
And embrace that affectionate fixation justifying a divine passion coded a delicate wonder
Shaping the heaven’s skies
To match the priceless pearls portrayed as the pupils within her photonic eyes


No man can deny the rapid rhythm contorting the core that sits within his own chest
Therefore, Infatuation vindicating the inclination of benevolence is said to manifest…

Look at her the eclipse eclipsing his every thought; As she bends the night sky around her light
The virtues tied to admiration will always cascade from that mesmerizing, ethereal moon
Nerve impulses attune to the neurons flooding my cerebellum eagerly looms
When I long to stare at that midnight satellite…

My, this belle will forever be my muse within the twilight
A construct curving an ocean of poetry, proficiently, potent with a paralyzing personality
Thee enchanting Gorgona making a stone fool to these ill prepared romantic souls of man

Thus I stand

In awe towards this hypnotizing majestic creature simply labeled as a woman
Particularly, this woman that embodies the effervescent essence coin as a fleur de lis
And like lilies, does she not bloom vibrantly, also when that noble sun is vigorously shining
Hence, the bashful smile infesting my lips, graceful while adorned to her presence

Now, Take gemstones of every kind…gold that once stained the hands of kings
Platinum plated pieces laced with silver fragments falling from those metallic meteorites
Mistaken as comets carrying my beloved wish to dream again and throw it all away

The inspirational conundrum lies within a falsifiable lie, the key to her magnetic perfection

~ Paradise’s Poet ~

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