Flower Of The Night

In the hours of darkness
For a moment the sight of the world became irrelevant
Because underneath the night sky walked one that held the majestic ambiance of the moon.

An undeniable work brilliance created by the hands of god.
I as a man will always be stricken with a sense of awe when I lay my eyes upon her face

Yet my mind grows weary
To these angelic lunar lights
That shine beyond the reaches of my heart
So much so that I no longer care for their presence

Like a flower
You seem to be only there to be admired
And not that it matters, but I have grown bored with this act of admiration

Although I could never deny
That you are the most enchanting creature
That walks as the embodiment of heaven
I wish never to shield my eyes to you, but it pains me to look upon you

For in a moment there was a glimpse, and in that glimpse I saw piece paradise that I could not yet love.

~ Tony Paradise’s Poet~