For Valhalla

Let’s march to the passionate sounds of Valhalla’s cries.
Let’s stand upon the mountain top
And cheer as ragnarok screams with the vengeance of heaven
For these are the days that we adorn ourselves with the riches of vanity
While standing side by side to our bothers
That a waits the dreams of warrior’s gift
An honorable death the likes of which steal the glory of god
And one that cripples the hearts of man
Allowing us to seem tall in the eyes of the valkyrian knights
And with this morale
Will we smile at our fate with nothing less than pure, and utter joy
For our strength will be only equal to the valor
That was bestowed upon Asgardian sons of Odin
That’s why we can embrace this day break
With a crusade that will illuminate the souls of those that will be known as the fallen

And we shall become more eminent than the sight of the rising sun. 
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~