Fragmented Symmetry

7 thoughts on “Fragmented Symmetry

  1. Dear Tony Yang Sir, such is the beauty of creation that even when any matter is broken down to its smallest of molecules and atoms…symmetry is found everywhere. The smallest fragments may seem to have hold no value or meaning, yet when examined with a unified and a universal perspective of phenomena, inter-relation between them can be derived. In all our hopes, values, dreams and the way we are…there is a unison in a philosophical way, where segregation between the good and bad, the innocent and the corrupt, love and hate, and so on…may not be justified, for the divine purpose of creation is one and only one.

  2. Sage words of wisdom true..and the person who sees the details can one day see the whole..and it seems that both ways of seeing are the way to truth..for the smallest fractal to galaxies and UNI verse whole..:)

  3. many interesting thoughts here… i think life can only be understood with the heart… and we often try to explain the unexplainable with the little knowledge we have… a change of viewpoint helps sometimes

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