Galvanized By A Demonic Stare

Galvanized by a demonic stare compelling I know for sure
The sinful sounds of revenge they say blood and more blood, so impure

Allow me to introduce myself…excuse me for intruding

I am he who walks in the darkness alone
The devil to his own angelic mind
So among all, fear with despair are my only allies

Nightmares flooded with screams is paradise unseen
Therefore, sit with me as we burn forever in a man-made inferno
Together, laugh with me at the wonderful sight of destruction curing a human disease

Can you not see you poor, poor fools
An apple is all that it took
And river streaming with rivers of woes covers this afflicted planet that we call home

Praises to our ambitions
Heaven sent are our dreams
Dance with me, DANCE, in this nocturnal phenomenal creed

Let’s be heretics
Let’s be Satan’s legion to be sacrificed parading wild and FREE!
Where is the FIRE in your soul
Show me that FLAME that you hold to be

Imprison yourself, as well as, doubt your deities
Furthermore, lie in the endless universe which is only a perceptional lie
To see yourself as nothing, but NOTHING lost in an empty sea

Thus then I promise
I can tell you with every fiber of my preordained, hell bound, isolated being
That THIS my beloved brother…that THIS my lovely sister
Is a course for our souls that is not meant to be

But, as I said before I am the devil in his mind; Could you ever believe me
…For a moment let’s pretend I have a heart, it brings my suffering a little ease

~ Paradise’s Poet ~