Gilded In Vanity

Where is it… where

I have searched a life time for it,  I have dreamt of it in my arms, and within my heart
Where is it I wonder so… I have looked among the heavens and havens
I have inquired the angels, whom of which, find themselves sanctified as abbots herein these lonesome sanctuaries
Those blessed by a God thus rumored to be as such… but

No it was not in the passionate touch belonging to a scarlet maiden
Nor was it heard between the whispering words compelling me to thee captivating lies tied to a lillium’s lips

You see, the riches proclaimed to be precious unto man dim in my blighted sight
Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, and that of emerald are all just stone, worthless, much like a fool’s gold
Gilded in vanity, forsaken, forever stained with sin and silver, unsated, henceforth envious of what I long for
Die for, thereof give my life too, however I have lost it, this beloved muses, a star in the night sky for all to view

Thereupon, blue flames burn anew, the devil is calling as I am lusting to fulfill this emptiness that I bear
A prince I may become so trudging throughout the harlot square, sleeping with the Annabelles and Jezabels there
Calling me home, to a Judeca where my soul will lie crucified, hoping only to locate something said to be divine
My I must be a desperate man… I must be but a man found lacking furthermore wanting

… How unbecoming…

Forbore a dream, yet I ask have I not endured enough… as riven I stand, still broken even more I remain
It’s as if I am being taunted, unable to escape my needs and inabilities to ale my own ignorance
I believe damnation is my providence, as without this deliverance all in my world is simply eclipsed
Embedded in darkness, denied by eternity, an existence un-versified… I wander hallowed be I not

How does one become mute to the inspiration attributed to an omnipresent lux
Perhaps, I am only relevant to the grieving martyrs buried in their own ideas of love
Maybe… but where is this undying affection that some have obtained, I regrettably do not know, and may never
Therefore tragically, the notion of it has become venom in my veins and my heart has become all to sore

~ Ren’ee Verona – Paradise’s Poet ~

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