Habitual Thoughts

Behead the dragon that doubts your will
And reave your soul from the lost tombs that prolongs its venom
For our dreams are the emissaries fated to tell tales of our destinies

Yet it is our hands that must reach out
It is our feet that must take those steps
To achieve a legacy that has been encrypted with our DNA

Compel yourself towards the abstract wander
Which signifies who you are thus and then

Whereas there in a time
That sits between death and rebirth
Glorified by the instant that is your life
Centuries shall honor your essence

Also of the time that you have lived
Freedom shall run in your veins

A euphoric tranquility will intoxicate your mind
Moreover of the mind paradise will be known
This my dear Lazarus is not a path for the weak
Though of the way humble in their strength one should remain

Because of your heart is were providence is proclaimed
Hence by virtue we must sustain the purity of love…

Redemption is given to those that have repented and to those that have forgiven self sin,
Seeing as how a grave regret is not so easily absolved
…Although it makes me wonder
Perhaps this is why Lucifer is the devil he is

For I ask who can forgive themselves for betraying their own god
While enduring ideals concerning hopelessness over facing the notions of atonement
I think most men can understand, as well as empathize with such habitual thoughts…

Perceptively, we are not so different from those beloved angels
Seeing as how even those that are holy can lie in transgressions
Therefore, I believe demons are born from the broken faith in ones own spirit
So, please… do not forsake yourself

~ Paradise’s Poet ~