He Who Reflects

Daily does the transparent moon
Eclipse the soul of my fallen shadow
As if the darkness of the sun was not enough to burn
The flames of the infused devil that sits in my mind
He who laughs as a relentless and restless living hell
While upon on my face and within my eyes
I uphold a false image of joy
Yet within I am dead
Leaving all my emotions empty and nullified
This enigma begs the question
Of my deluded smile that remains
As a veil so others may believe in a gift called happiness
A tragic pity that was presumed as an act of lewdness …
Tell me
When will the lunar lights ever rectify
The night of the stars
And have the angels fly within the seraphic winds
That gives me a brief blessed sign of hope
Though peerless it would seem
For the flames are black
Moreover, I have also become blind
With a fear that lingers in my heart
Still I sneer at the sight of this void
Nevertheless, I still think of tomorrow as a place of heaven
Together with these thoughts
I can image a twilight that is inversed and vital
For I am nothing beyond what is
And what I am is a drifter

He who lies in grips of his own self-inflicted abyss
He who can only reflect
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~