Heresy Of The Moon

Here I am again 
With the thoughts of my forsaken soul 
That is always hunted by the starless nights 
That which belong to the moon 
But at least there is a moon 
An entity that also dawdles in the day 
And one that does not find a reason to relinquish itself
Unless it seeks to renew its own divine essence 
Thus I ask, 
How fictitious of the stars to bare the false image
Of their own fading ghostly spirits
That is nothing more than a sight of treachery  
As these lost illusions only give false hope to the eyes of man 
Letting them to believe 
That they are the illuminated angels in this cold unwavering darkness
Yet the moon 
Is a lunar goddess that can even eclipse the sun
And also a deity that can control the echoing tides that 
We are so fated to endure 
Therefore,This tribute shall forever be marked as a symbol of admiration  
To you that linger in the eerie hands of the nightfall 
For you are an ascended guide towards all those 

That wish to see the welcoming of the daybreak    
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~