Hermosa Hermosa
What have you done to receive such a curse
For forever have you been stained
With a mark of beauty that lies beyond your face
And what pours from your essence is a paralyzing hex
That cripples the indomitable will of man
Therefore you are glorified as the Hera of your time  
In that even a god could not look pass your heavenly wonder
Hermosa Hermosa
You are the fading image of a dreamer’s dream
A lasting celestial thought that transcends into this reality
Thus evermore a spellbinding entity
Fixed as a flourishing flora of elegance
Perhaps I exaggerate a bit
But with these word, and this over sense of admiration
May I tell the world of your personified attributes
At least in the manner of which I envision them 
Because for you Hermosa
I know that the universe would stand still
And that calypso would part the seven seas in your honor
Together would you walk among the star
As is it the fate of all beautiful Jewels
So, to my dear dear Hermosa
What a curse it is that you have
One given from the hands of the once exalted Aphrodite
You rise infinitely stunning
As a manifestation of the goddess herself
Thereupon that I can say no more
Yet with that I will leave these words for you
~ Paradise’s Poet ~


  1. A myth is true as any poems are real..
    Funny how the value of myths
    are often valued less than
    other great works of
    art.. as the archetypes
    of heArt are everlasting
    in HEART..:)

  2. Stunning beauty in beings, magnificence in nature, bedazzling sights around us, enticing feline charm, seductive charm of nymphs – all so enchanting – and alas – mankind inflicts lashes and curses on them leaving permanent wounds and scars that morph them into a sore to the eye…”As is it the fate of all beautiful Jewels” is the lament of your lines…dear Tony Yang Sir.

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