6 thoughts on “Hermosa

  1. A myth is true as any poems are real..
    Funny how the value of myths
    are often valued less than
    other great works of
    art.. as the archetypes
    of heArt are everlasting
    in HEART..:)

  2. I particularly like “paralyzing hex” and “the fading image of a dreamer's dream”–so powerful with emotion!

  3. Stunning beauty in beings, magnificence in nature, bedazzling sights around us, enticing feline charm, seductive charm of nymphs – all so enchanting – and alas – mankind inflicts lashes and curses on them leaving permanent wounds and scars that morph them into a sore to the eye…”As is it the fate of all beautiful Jewels” is the lament of your lines…dear Tony Yang Sir.

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