Hope For The Damned

Ring the bells of hell
For now is the time of destruction and war my dear friends
Look to the sky and cradle your spirit in the arms
That wain in the grips of the blood moon

As scurvy dogs lash out relentlessly
So will we and our brothers of the night
Hail these shadows along with these nocturnal hours
Which chokes the day with a lustful easy

Have you seen our souls yet
Behind the glass eyes that lie in a forsaken creed
For too long we have lingered… damaged, tainted, and thus forevermore corrupted
Without taking any means from the word

Hence with these unholy hands will the first stone be casted

And of the saints and priest that weep,
Scarlet red rivers will be their undoing
Together with cries that scream from the innocent
A befalling glory will walk with us alone… as we are legion….

This is the incantation that I heard at the doorstep of my own oblivion
In light of this with a sad smile, I shed agonizing tears for these demons
Whereas they were my brothers, scron with the black flames of purgatory

Choose me to torment I prayed, Choose me to bare their pain
I will understand,
For, though I cannot wash away theirs sins; I can help them carry these burdens
So that the souls of the soulless may find a forgotten place called paradise.

I will be a humble vessel,
That will endure the crucified sounds of their sorrows without judging their flaws
For I am as broken as them, but I stand lost in sacred serenity
And because of this my dear father, I relinquish what is left of this life
To restore hope among the damned

To what does it mean to be a saint…To what does it mean to be a human…?

~ Paradise’s Poet ~