Hopeless Spirit

Astray along this journey I have become.
A lost wanderer looking for the wonders of this life.
I am nearly broken.
For the riches of man scream of vanity. 
While the love of a women cries of agony.
As I watch as the season change. 
The eyes of angels have failed to see the change in my heart, 
And in the eyes of God I am no more than a forgotten soul.
He who is Hopeless. 
But, heaven knows not the hell I carry on my back, 
Nor of the scars I have been rewarded upon this voyage.
My brothers,
The universe will see my will, 
And acknowledge my presence. 
You will remember my name. 
For I will be an undying fading memory. 
As well as an everlasting cosmic whisper.
And as 
I stand shouting to the sky because of my restlessness.
I can promise you all one thing.
My spirit will never be tamed.

~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~