Purge with fire the proliferated personas
That scared the sacred gates of purgatory
And of those that breathe the devil’s dogma
A heritage of hatred will devour your soul

For the anger that lies within
Is only one of seven ways
To enter the nine realms that encircles this elaborate hell

Yet, with a hellish fury will you walk
Tainted, and low
Together alongside the demons
That was once created by your lustful immorality

So under the watchful eyes of Lucifer
Beneath the cold beat of his unholy wings
Salvation will seem but a whisper among this forsaken pit
Furthermore, all that which in favors hope shall be rightfully abandon

Look to God amidst this hellfire
Cry hymns of terror beside your fallen brothers
To instill the truth that echoes between deaf ears that you are damned

Misguided fools we are…Perhaps lost jewels belonging to heaven we maybe….

Because freewill seem so much like a gift
Until we realize how much we are cursed by it
For the one known as Satan does not make us sin
He merely presents sin
It is us ourselves that consumes the forbidden fruit

Thus we stand as those praying…
Striving for a path of redemption within this tormenting inferno…

~ Paradise’s Poet ~

This poem was inspiried by the epic poem “Dante’s Inferno”