Kundalini Wisdom – Sol

Within a foreign whisper, I spoke unto you fond memories of what was to be our destiny
And beneath the night sky, I had woven a vow between each star bearing a curse belonging to my affection…hence
Restless, the moon sat while waiting for the sun, and an essence akin to oceanic nova illuminating the heart of God
Say unto me, what is to beautify perfection if a lily has so forth been gilded…surely a goddess is to take form
One who burns with silk flames there adorned in a dye colored graceful, a flower to kiss the universe so

Recently, I have thought more of your face, than these seconds captivated dearly by time
Thus, clearly, I grow weary, more so impatient expecting thy presence known to be a holy gift unto I
Terrified by your glamour that I am to behold, so openly shines the moon and so does my SOL…
A light to echo fertility among this un-hilted cosmos…it swings fully enchanted by your ever charismatic sway

Pretty petals polished by a pardon at play…cherry blossoms and spring gossip dance to offer a parley
As I faded do not miss me ok? For I am tethered to a void, as you seem to caress the lips of eternity upon this sacred day
Know thyself to transmute what I could not, a paradigm painted lively among a metamorphic hemlock
A black rock shifting with the somber sands; bedrock unified by the sun deified as a living mecca poised in deadlock once said

Essential unto thee seraphim, hereby worshipped by the cherubim, forever, as they the exalted Elohim tends to live
Partake of the tree of life and wander like us, acute to the wanderlust, which succeeds throughout thy kundalini
Embellished over by your serpentine eyes…snake venom to purify earthly lies elevating you from Babylonian tides
Into the land of Canaan, we bloomed across Aethiopia elated in your honor blessed with a brunette complexion
Heaven’s fixation, in a time before time when, and where we stood soverent before the deluge married unto Eden

Spirituality’s calligraphy is riddled in cryptography, the generosity that you gift unto the world… thee enigma, the anomaly
And possibly this bibliography stands as an affidavit onto the judges who are set to dictate the souls thee adam
Given authority byway of our lord Amen blessed dearly thus, surly by Amun… the sky to open, so screams a divulgence
As a lightning bolt driven from the hands of Ammon kisses the earth, thereabout shall rise in form a universal Aphrodite

Inanna…It calls out to you

Let the essence pertaining to ether and magic be with you, as I also will always be…This is my covenant unto you
My words to be inked in ancient Sanskrit, therefore my promise art golden chains I wear for the provided length regarding eternity
Walk with me beloved chosen as we drift openly, outwardly towards the images optically devoid thereof convolution and complexities
Vividly beyond the scope concerning these bejeweled seven seas… seven wonders…and seven stars that seem to be
Love will be our undying frequency… My daughter…My geocentric heliotrope…the heliocentric Sun to this lunar dream…

-Renee Verona

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