Like Lilies

11 thoughts on “Like Lilies

  1. “As the moon eclipses our dearly departed promises
    The sun sets with our beloved dreams”

    Well composed and that was the best part of your piece to me. Welcome to OLN.

  2. A strong diatribe against the folly of being knocked flat by regret, sadness, or sorrow; for only moving forward out of the veil of pathos can we discover real joy, another love.

  3. At least the person in the poem loved instead of hiding away from it. It takes bravery to put yourself outhere. Some really lovely lines in this. the two couplets are outstanding. Spencer is Kanzensakura

  4. I think most of us can be included in the fool category when it comes to love. I really liked your line “But a flower no matter how beautiful it may be, Can never reclaim a petal once lost.” A very sensitive and poignant write…I enjoyed very much.

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