Lily Unto Roses

Lily Unto Roses,

By, Renee Verona,

Beyond her hazel eyes, tree leaves tend to flourish, illuminated so, by the fireflies which glorify the moon resting upon this brook,
A reflection of my past swims eerily within this river, where I have cultivated a sense of loneliness in wake of my departed sins,
Seven wings to bear as these constellations marvel at me as angels whispering my destiny from the kingdom of God,
Thereby I wander, only dreaming, for predetermined has become my fate and only in my dreams is any set inclination of freedom,
The vagabond running towards thee ocean unwilling, yet fiercely,…fearlessly gallant,… but, jaded by a merciless tenacity,

Hence, the evergreen lingers among the blighted stars, carrying a color towards the obsidian obscurities staining the sky,
Hindering a stratosphere as snow falls from the atmosphere bring about a hue tinted alabaster benign unto our lives,
Having Fibonacci shouting from a lotus flower,…vastly, enveloping a sudden enlightenment that we were unable to deny,

Therefore, upon her lips were tree leaves paint as she kissed a beloved Zion igniting paradise reaching nirvana as I simply sighed,
Ergo, so on and so forth are we absurdly ignorant to the reckoning befalling the revolutions and revelations beckoning our hearts,
Cryptic murmurs sings the bard,…forgotten memories are not so far, however, all is to bud anew through the eons that we share,
Dimensionally universal heliocentric thus, thereupon thy soul Gaia stares bejeweled in emerald as her irises foretold with a glare,
Gleaming as she smiled at me, making somber my perils said to eclipse my divinity, although, still my halo lies unbroken,
Still are the tides as we become entangled in an un-ebbing quantum lust driven by the riverbanks found merely to mesmerized,

Vaguely disjointed is the rose,… a lily lost to vertigo

Behold hermetic teachings are all that are left from my scars,… sealing my spirit in a void quoting thee unknown,
Nevertheless, none is the less, in which we may see, in which we may very much inherent, hereafter an everlasting infinity,
As an echoing prophecy streaming a conscious either, bypassing the sacred geometric patterns of life,…
Focal points, as well as ratios, gilded extravagantly like the east of Eden, where we stood as the forsaken so long ago,

Because in our hands rested a forbidden fruit proclaimed as knowledge,… our intellect became our burden, and, also our elated gift,
A precious garden defiled by the innocent, hereby transgressions, that we must be careful not to repeat,
As all is in bloom, blossoming to the will pertaining to all…enchanting she who held tree leaves in her palms,… grasping the untold,
Captivating our wonders, and my undying curiosities,
As such, a creature never stood more beautiful,…A goddess never seemed so vital in her radiant divine demeanor,… decorative,

A crown of thorns for the rose in view,…A shilling for the luckless lily, that the heavens sought out to crucify,

Onwardly we project, astronomically as tattered flames watching quasars quake, quivering quietly among the deep,
Caressing the face of our laten lord, along with the teardrop golden nebuli found piercing thine eyes and fornicating with her lips,
A shift in my world, never ending stammers utopia, anon favors a pearl-like platinum bliss, dividends perpetuating this odyssey,
Catastrophic hymns to reverberate, praying vigorously an impending calamity, one parallel in beauty alluring a nova’s scream,

Wherefore art there tree leaves dancing lively between the photonic particles elaborating upon your essence,
Manipulating galaxies that appear vividly effervescent, omnipresent, courting a complex, compelling, primed paradox,…
The true testament is thy aura, aglow in the sunlight, a covenant bathing in miracles, stating what may be the new paradigm,
Lifetimes we could walk,… Shouldered in part, hand and hand foretelling of a time when it was all periodically predestined,…
Show me what is there to be loved,…defile not the fruit given by God, instead, bear it with me, and forbore a biblical baptizing dream,

~ Renee Verona – Paradise’s Poet ~

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