Lost Souls

17 thoughts on “Lost Souls

  1. Where birds may fly, and where the clouds may drift
    A wanderer may wander, although one is not always lost.

    Very powerful and meaningful verse. Well penned 🙂

  2. An emotional loss can wound you like a .357 to the gut, & yes, it takes some down time, some doctoring, some rebuilding, before we can open those doors of heart sanctum yet again. Nice piece.

  3. Amazing indeed, the ways we stumble, and how we wander though we are not lost…
    a mesmerising poem, ultimately hope triumphant.
    I was just wondering if you'd missed out an 'I' in the line:
    How could (I) bring myself to wander alone

  4. A dark night.. eyes no longer
    tolerating light.. street
    lights as bright
    as sun..
    through shades
    of eyes.. in body
    grown cold with
    tattered jacket..
    in mid-July..
    yet i will
    this darker
    room to
    walk.. where is
    truth.. who am i..
    all alone.. no connection
    is there.. but yes.. a spark
    after 5 years or so comes..
    a tear it is.. and that
    one tear
    is now
    an ocean
    of me.. where
    now hope lives
    with no search..
    there are steps
    to walk..
    and now
    me as

  5. To find where clouds may drift…as we stumble imperfectly along…..indeed this can be AMAZING. Love the hope and beauty in this poem….not all is lost for souls that continue stumbling!

  6. What a wonderful poem! Those things that make us stumble, indeed, cast them away and hang on to the hope. In spite of it all, at the end you write of hope and that is beautiful. Hayes Spencer is Kanzensakura

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