Luminescent Lotus Leaves

Ethereal energy flows through the bent edges of space
Aligning seven seismic chakras vibrating vividly intricate quivers of time
Radiant in enlightenment peering deeply into the Buddha’s third eye

How long does one stare into nothingness
Universally attuned to cosmic tones brimming from plants and stars

I wonder so eloquently …

Become elated with me as we elevate beyond this dimension
Solidified by man’s unconscious dreams
And liquified in the kama sutra love untamed by our lust undone
For passion can melt any reality into one

Thereby of one are we all bound to the bodhi tree
Seeded as the symbols tied to life blooming like luminescent lotus leaves
An essence so vital to an elegance that may balance out karma’s turbulent seas
Walk with me on this sacred journey as otherworldly beings

Hear the impeding echoes of monks chanting towards eternity
Reincarnating their souls as their spirits roam free
Obtaining the knowledge of what is to be…that which was
The cycle belonging to a celestial dance fortified as everlasting

Ethereal energy flows through the bent edges of space like rivers
Vibrating time, aligning chakras vividly and intricate of seven seismic quivers
Although, now
A mind’s eye cultivates a radiant buddha inside

Thus do we all wander searching to see if we are truly alive…

~ Paradise’s Poet ~