My Mona Lisa

I don’t know what you have done to me,
But with my words
I can only write of what echoes from my heart.

Yet, softly all I can hear is whipers of your name,
And the imagery that breeds in my mind
Is only a reflection of your beauty.

Like a silly boy with a crush
I am enchanted by the gentle curves of your lips,
And burned by the seductive fire that lies within your eyes.

Shyly I must confess
The aroma that fills the air as you walk by
Leaves me to feel somewhat invigorated,
And slightly intoxicated.

It’s funny
How I have become addicted to your presence,
And your personality that personifies
Who you truly are.

To appreciate the beauty of a woman
Is to immortalize her essence,
And with my words
That is something I hope to accomplish.

~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~