My Beloved Icarus

Began it all with blood that drips from a bloodstone which gilded the might of blood mages, so reluctant to stare at a blood moon
Glancing at these nightmares, those bearing such haunting hemlock and nightshade, waking night terrors nightly
Thus night fiends to fair, who art henceforth, found screeching horror, humbled as heretics-lost,
Yet, moreover, sinners hereby mumbling a broken mortality…the axis teeters tenaciously, talent-ly among our diplomacy,
Zealously, as we thrive throughout open stages displaying carnival and carnage

Magi, a forgotten creed…what leviathan beneath speaks…what dragon above thusly whispers;
Spewing hellfire as it all may come to be buried within the genesis pertaining to a coronal revelation
Simply it would gallantly seem, as we speak far too vividly, about thee..As so, come with me,
As we walk herein this phantasm foreboding a requiem meant for a dying dream…fated towards a majestic destiny
There look, seraphim art sounding the trumpets, together singing praises and counting the ebbing sand weighted upon thy scales

Holy, holy art these murmurs evoked feverishly as blasphemy

Prevalent lamentation guided by agony seeps like ichor corrupting the earth and man, having obsidian prolifically prevailing
Poised in its own prime, dancing to a brittle chorus that cleverly amused the chemicals charismatically crippling semi-particles
Reigning quantumly and quite vigorously throughout the night… anointed is he who stands to deny the morning star
Justly are we baptized deeply in thine esoteric awe illuminating the blighted reflections hiding from a heliocentric sun
Poetic nonsense upholding theatrics binding us onto a self sulking beauty we gave ourselves unto… blinding, ergo timely

Another notion to play in the confines of a mad man’s cerebellum sparking neurons,
Merely to comprehend what makes a nova cry, and scream, and dare to reach
For this unfulfilling existence as I breathe in an hour wasted upon the gluttony pertaining to thy ignorance

The cuspid sighted colorless, yet hued ambient, and benevolent by an echoing mantra quoting prophecy
Seamlessly, what follows runs dimensionally while suffocating our imagination

…Unlimited is the spirit, therefore angels are we not all…

My, My, be loved Icarus does not the sun burn overly brightly beyond the sea’s skyline…questions of limitation I purely inquire
Whereas, illegitimately imprisoned underneath a blue cerulean sky a miracle galivants,
Roaming in a wanderlust to define said iconic marvel ..Forward obligations lie,
Byway, as a consequence, endurance shall plague those willful, reckless royals…Listen sincerely thy jubilees

Possibilities art set to be embraced, and coded insights art to be properly deciphered…
Like six wings gifted unto those star-lit constellations…hence in vision with me for a while longer
Seven planetary bodies masked as diamonds inked in a scarlet gold kissing the auroras known as Borealis’s Threshold

Sown upon eternity’s lips a matric among the weightlessness, his providence a cosmic oasis ignited forever,
And evermore endless beyond the firmament which separates the waters and eloping tides…
Paradise thy utopian bliss hereafter our enchantment resides openly raptured, hereby taken with a seeded immortal sigh
Elated we exhale our woes, riven we aspire pass their fallen illusions, by the by
Convey onto me the sackcloth, somber sun which expresses its manic marvelous mediums unto a crimson satellite…blood of blood

Let it all commence as it did in the beginning when divinity was our calling, where and then we all knew God.

~ Renee Verona