My Selfish Intent

Take a flower of any kind
Encrust its delicate petals with rubies once held as sacred as an ocean’s sapphire
Then embed its stem with divinity’s pearl like essence
While having its seeds bloom unto the world emerald color coded diamonds

And you will see
An eyeful that mimics her eminence come to appear

…To have such a being to live among us
Will always leave me dumbfounded to God’s unknown plan
One that until I saw her care little to nothing of

Perhaps it’s possible,
She is the only view of paradise that this sinner will ever be allowed to see
Considering that, I do not revere myself as a saint
But, if she is what heaven is made of… surely I can repent of my shameful ways

Judge me not for my selfish intent
Because, maybe she is the virtuous spirit, heaven sent to save my gravely grieving soul
For even so, that I may be the devil that I am
I would not dare impede sacrilege towards this divine woman

But, I would sin a thousand times over if only to preserve her holiness

And without one moment of regret
Would I spend an eternity in hell counting the endless stars
Connecting them to outline her beloved face
Therefore, of my mind serenity would be just

Leaving the torment that I had confounded myself to…so..blissfully irrelevant

Thus, Take to my heart
The wonders of the universe and of those that are parallel
There alone would stand this gentle cosmic creature
That of the night sky the image of ten thousand stars left crafted into perfection

~ Paradise’s Poet ~