Within the moon we sat, a lofty raven and the spotted dove, driven meticulously through a broken, shifting zenith
Where our feathers bloomed bioluminescent-ly setting aglow the silver, sighing sands, and the forsaken, fragile stardust
A must we galavant as our beaks drown dearly beneath the brim of a soul reaving zinfandel, hued thusly thy everberry
Marked thereof water lilies whispering about those dragonflies that waltz remarkably around their Victorian crown
Elated art we masquerading amidst the sunbeams edging this horizon, kissing prolifically, suddenly from a noble dawn

Vagary, unto thee indigo sky we walked dressed in a fabric, which hunts deeply an astronomical star-studded nebuli
Transit in ultra-violet bejeweled much like the primrose… one courting a celestial Virgo embalmed of rosemary

…Mother Mary…

A taste belonging to a sweet pinot noir rests easily upon her lips, as I found a welcoming bless inebriated by the virgin Primitivo
Ergo, the raven murmurs in riddles at times, Bellissimo is our Destino my beloved noir, and what echoes is what tends to ripple,
Such as the cosmos conversely, such is a drop of wine said to flood this teal, aster ocean, seaside as we view a gilded orrery
While thy emotions, hand by hand to my devotion eclipses a notion paired with butterflies…episodic it all seems

Encompass a pagan theme, as we bathe ourselves in these delightful, coded chardonnay dreams…. fulfilled yet un-sated
Henceforth I ask …how is the cabernet, and the riesling I wonder? And, the wineberries fermenting among God’s vineyards
Soma for all, as we watch tiger lilies sway adjacent to those pearls rumored to ignite thee evening, along with that spotted dove
Surrounded by turquoise fireflies, whisking towards her angelic form…my Gabriela, a lily transformed, hereby adorned, moreover adored
Embellished upon the evergreen, ever emerald, forever thus, fixicated as phenomenal, revered as the world’s capulet…listen…

… “ Deum De Flos ”….

Did you hear it? If so do tell,
More Sauvignon blanc, more phantasms, and fantasies, for God’s flower, has come to misplaced his unjustly throned chaplet
In regards to this, needless art are each of these vibrant amulets and those priceless bracelets when ambrosia seeks to ale the inevitable
Inconceivable is thee unfathomable, although the Soave’s aroma which seeps, reigning throughout the moon’s atmosphere translates
Tangible sits our minds as we parley moments contextualized, therefore, sovereign to paradise we speak without dismay
Or uneven Ellipses…simply stating a fifth-dimensional thought may curve, but a spatial thyme will always bloom un-hilted…

As a raven often wish to be something more…the moon lingers as my only friend, and that benevolent dove my one, and only muse
The wine my thorn and my dreams… illustrated art merely that is not…
A nightingale sings as I drink, et singing unto a god thereof my delicate lily, something marked as my fragile life
Ripples to echo, a destiny I find beautiful as nothing will forestall my return, a promised resurrection gifting a revelation
The reflection to mirror I see is but a fowl gripping a glass teeming with merlot to remedy a noir mood set in indigo…

Stella unto my chalice, your cup until they are both held empty, however, endless is the well that seems to indulge in a false euphoria…

~ Renee Verona

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  2. ‘ Endless the well..’ phew, you can write! No place like Poetry to let us know what a ‘ raven wishes…’

    Extreme power in your rhythm. You should do this on stage. It’s a contemporary Shakespeare, it is love and peace on war. Love it!

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