Nothing Beyond

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  1. Yes.. perhaps the greatest beauty of a flower is that a flower never worries about seeing beauty.. it just is.. a flower….and that's enough for it….:)

  2. Maybe you are philosophizing to much about the matter. Flowers would not be flowers unless they bloomed.
    Flowers, like us. serve a purpose, it is all about procreation…nothing but – from the simplest of flowers to the belief that somehow humans serve a purpose – they do. but nothing bar the simple act of procreation.
    Humans might have an over-developed brain – but as today's world shows…we barely use it.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  3. I think the purpose of the flower is nothing but its own.. But we fill it with a meaning that become something else than the original intention, but your lines made me see the flower.

  4. I agree with Bjorn – flowers and animals don't care much whether we exist or not – until we start interfering with their existence. It's us that feels the need to confer them meaning.

  5. I think you reached the Zen conclusion – be one with it and enjoy. All is there through your perception and for your purposes. Take care of it. Well said.

  6. Flowers help me simplify, too, as a reflex from philosophizing. Or Vice Versa. And they smile innocently as if they had not been made for just that purpose. A beautiful poem!

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