Nothing, But Emptiness

Start with nothing 
For what is of the sky but vastness 
Such as that which lingers in the ocean
Beyond the sounds that echo within the illusion of time 
Space is empty
And so are we 
Yet we think, and we are conscious enough to fabricate 
The edges of dreams and reality 
Destruction or creation
Is of our own choice
And of the same paradox
That we so naively try to separate 
Realize that all things will fade
Yet, all things ought to have a chance to grow
For even the darkness must have its time
Though, As unsettling as this may sound to some 
It is an necessity for balance
Take things as they come
Live with an un-heavy heart
Learn to forgive 
And you’ll be surprised at how beautiful life and even death is
Only want nothing 
For that is what you started from 
A force that came before gods and of God
Not as an instrument of atheism or religion 
But a sense of purpose to exist
This is a jewel that was found by a boy
Whom of which gave up the universe, heaven, and hell
To find his soul
And in a man’s journey that lasted more than a decade 
It was buried within his heart the whole time  
The essence of his own freedom 
That he had forsaken so long ago

                                         ~ Paradise’s Poet ~