O Holy Father

Father Father O Holy Father 
I have not yet confessed my sins to thee
For in the convent of my heart have I only looked to forsaken thee
And of my fallen brothers that stood within the devil’s grace
Did they part take of the devil’s fruit, and did they dine with me
I invoke that
In my youth the vitality of my cold-blood heart was given life
While the bloodstones that were my tears fell to the imprisonment of hell’s unholy gates
Father Father O Holy Father
Forgive this transgressor 
That prays not but openly speak a testimony 
Of his confounded guilt 
And of his lust, his anger, and of his pride 
That reaches from the seven sins of man 
Father forgive this sinner 
This damn one
That knew not the love of God
Father Father O Holy Father 
I only seek my humanity in this hour of judgement 
So that I burn as a human and not as a soulless demon
That was once swallowed by a devil’s ambition 
O Holy Father 
Please I ask 
That you find a way to forgive me.
~ Tony Paradise’s Poet ~