Obsidian And Alabaster

Obsidian, And Alabaster, 

By: Renee Verona,

Again, we ring, calling out towards a volver, a ballet posed onto divinity where black diamonds pearl like the stars,
There a flutter to elate her serpentine eyes gleam; thus emerald to flood my perception altering my elation pertaining to God,
Dance, for the ballad of muses, are romanticized between a drifting sight, seeing pirouettes and pli’es lost to a lifetime,
So forth, anon are the days, beckoning are these seconds virtuously found hourly but few,…( the white raven among jaded crows)
Hence in view, a jester heliocentric to this cosmic joke murmuring mummery, sunny in light of his own mischievous misery,

Dawning a beautiful hum wavering in the distant reverberating the verbatim echoing from those enchanting acolytes,
Chanting a monologue concerning a dishonored Montague, eclipsing a moonlit morning, one obstructing the norm all for a kiss,
As upon her lips, an isolated phenomenon rooted itself extravagant, yet poisonous, ( hemlock fornicating with nightshade),
Wolfsbane combined with all the dreary white willows that ever wept to find golden tipped roses bathing in crimson,

Lilies buds to consume blessed dearly with benevolent heirlooms attributed to those unwanted helots, harlots, and hellions,
Hued in alabaster illuminated by sunbeams captivating the core crux native to a charismatic Capulet,…(Vedi),

Some variants and variables are said to disrupt the visions,

Galenty we ride sowing seeds of our own downfall,… and I jest, enduring the endeavors propagating the pandemonium,
Therefore, angels harshly glare as I laugh at his will,… lollygagging ever so, over such amusing abominations spared,
Thy creation to stare, I to dare, as I wear these emotions as a mask to hide what has become the personification regarding a void,
Shapeless and without, fully I must confess, truthfully though I must protest, all and all I digress,
While baring the nightmares galvanizing our whimsical dreams, hence broken lies this ethereal humorous scene,

Pristine I wish it all could be,
However, it bejewels schizophrenically,…whispers sway among tree leaves, vividly teems the assassin;

Through the reflection of my obsidian blade, I saw a jester drowning in the sorrows belonging to his hopeless witticism, 
Scarlet to cover the tulips that laid foolish, herald a cut-throat,… forsaken in this storm praying for thunderbolts to alleviate me,
Sharp lighting to scream, and there, bury me within an unholy divinity as devilish is my creed,
Yet this clown that smirks comforts thee,
Thine eyes have witnessed much suffering, men art, but demons chasing eternity, misguided by prophecy,… and he dares to laugh,
The reckless Montague a saint unto I,… to empathize,…to seize, realize a moment of freedom when all is cursed by hypocrisy,

(…To despise,… To visualize ),

God favors the trickster, giving unto him a horrible truth that he bears with a grin, ( a glimpse at how the world primarily sins),
Watch as they abandon themselves all for epicurean philosophies,
Drink a bit more the red wine, corrupt your soul a little more to hold a few pieces of sol,… More the greed,…this obsidian grow thirsty,
Unsated,…hungry,… the blood moon calls, onward towards the twilight where hellhounds roam free, festering, and feasting,

Fair Jester,
I will be an angel unto thee, unto you that bards hysterically,… a sad epigram life has become, ( everlasting is the hologram),
Forever is nevermore, soon we will have our reckoning,…upon the sun we horde, shadows epithetical to the moon, 
The forgotten, the vigilant defacing the vox populi, simple mercenaries that seek only to bloom, the evening to forbore,…