Forget me for a moment, I have become a less than the man that I knew I was…tear apart the love letters I have written
And let those lilies that flourish, where we slept, wither with that haunting whisper which fading in the night
As I wallow in this self-sustaining discord brimming dearly of a lifetime found lost in regret
For living without fear has made me reckless, such a fire, I bore greater harm than any good one would say
Thus, honestly, I could not agree more, for trapped I am within my own thoughts,
A slave to the anxiety that breeds in my imagination, spawning daymares creating conflict which, rightfully taints my soul

Disregard that you ever knew me, for I have nothing left to offer you, only worries bejeweled with tales tied in woes
Henceforth, I would simply stand to impose on a beautiful life that should not be a hilted rose
Meaning a stem dressed in thorns, however, where art thy pretty, pink petals that are surely said to grow…
Unbenign, so let go, wait not for me at the beckoning seven seas, as this grimly, grimy ship’s course is surely to drown
Guided by a miserable captain, one arrogant in his ways, thereby of his mind and not so much of his blue-blooded heart

Beloved Calypso, I Davy Jones, sit beneath the moon’s tides as a formless expression
Unlike these tulips that caressed your lips as you smiled at me, saying unto me sighted feelings proliferating infatuations
Your message was a concerning always…therefore, a remembrance to miss, the taste of ambrosia echoing off your kiss
Be it a maybe that came with a wish, fragmented in starlit miracles and heaven’s providence
Evident that bliss also lied beyond an oceanic horizon, but at last, I roam as a Dutchman without wings to fly

The unpredictable motions corrupting time has caused my heart to decay after a decade…disarray among dismay, so forth I
Pleaded with these constellations, guiding my sinking vessel, that you no longer concern thy self of a fated, vaudevillian villain

Perhaps, then you will find a happiness that intertwines with Neptune’s blessings
Ergo behold, in hand a trident and of the sky, a Triton, ebbing in form subsiding as the retrograde brings about a storm
Wherein daffodils, in view, are to gaze at one’s own reflection, shaping a probability that may never speak of you and I
Deafening such tender voices spring from those beloved sirens luring me unto this Plutonian grave

The will of a man that concaves…

Wherefore I forbore, I have foreseen Styx and brimstones…circles and Charon at the helm, yet I bare not the gold
A shilling my dear, what was it all really, worth I wonder…sing to me one last lullaby as I cast myself into hemlock’s cove
Find it that I may only pray unto Poseidon a parley, as I embark upon a temporary, timely odyssey
Negotiating what is forever to be laid as shipwrecked, veering so, as irises bloom, blossoming violet-ly, an armada for you
Thee enchantress to a fool who wanders in the waves of his witty whims, idiosyncrasies, as well as his own derivative fears
Conceal thy affections, oh daughter of titans, omit, as we drift hopelessly against a once shared primordial embrace